Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mystery Archaeology Picture #1

Over at the Eruptions blog they have a mystery volcano of the month and I thought it might be a good idea over here in Ancient Scripts but I decided to change it up into Mystery Archaeology Picture of the week.

The game is pretty simple. You comment on what you think is the content of the picture and where it was taken. It shouldn't be too hard since I haven't been to too many exotic locations.

Anyway, this is the inaugural post of mystery picture. What do you think it is (that should be easy) and where do you think this is located.



  1. At top A bird, possible a raven, clutching the crescent (new) moon. In the box a dragon or lion with clouds above.
    The A shape over the box looks newer, different coloration, probably chalk.
    The stone looks volcanic, maybe a dense red granite, or containing iron which might account for the color of the etching.
    Location, my initial sense is the desert southwest US, or Peru.

  2. I'm not allowed to guess I suppose, as I already know. Wives are not allowed to participate.

  3. I would guess somewhere in Mesoamerica. Probably Mexico or Guatemala. The box-like symbol looks very Mayan.

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