Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mystery Archaeology Picture #2

It's time for another mystery archaeology picture. Actually, this one is not much of a mystery, as it is from a fairly well-known site. Make sure you tell me your guess in the comments.

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Once again, have fun guessing!


  1. Well it's either Aztec or Mayan (probably the later), other then that I couldn't say, the image is a bit too sun washed.

  2. My guess is exactly the other way round, choosing between Aztec or Mayan, I choose Aztec, given the lack of king glyphs and the feathers, but I must confess it remains a guess.

  3. It looks very Mayan to me -- the post-and-lintel form they used so frequently, although maybe all of mesoamerica did that. And it seems as though there's a /puluy/ symbol on the right side of the design.

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